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Are you considering a new role or career path, but not sure how to get started?

I’m Elizabeth Borelli, certified career coach. I believe that purposeful work is a path to fulfillment, and that we’re all capable of finding it.

I also know after coaching hundreds of clients through successful career change, there is no one size fits all solution. I’ve developed my Career Builders Bootcamps to meet you where you’re at; from early stage evaluation all the way to brand building, strategic networking and landing (or launching) the right role for you.

We all deserve to live meaningful lives, and career is a big part of that. Career Builders Bootcamps combine individual career counselling with online tools and tutorials to designed to keep you spot on and on track to reaching your potential.

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  • Elizabeth Borelli

    Elizabeth Borelli

    NextCareer Coaching founder, has remained a top-ranked career counsellor for Lee Hecht Harrison since 2016. Her focus on building confidence, especially among women who have taken a career break to raise a family, stems from her own experience. She leverages a BA in Psychology with multiple accreditations to boost her clients positivity, resilience and successful landing rates.

What Clients Are Saying:

“Your workshops shared how you keep striving to improve yourself and learn new things, and help others to do so too. It also helped in approaching the job search from a perspective of learning and growth vs. worry and dismay.”

Kelly Ann C.Kelly Ann C.

“I just signed an offer letter! Your practice phone interview was a great help as was all your advice on my LinkedIn resume, and cover letters.”

Meg R.Meg R.

“You have been very helpful Elizabeth. Like dropping a stone into the water you create wonderful ripples when you help people. I think your positiveness and confidence booster comments were incredibly helpful. It is a tough blow to the self-esteem getting laid off. You supplied the right Band-Aids.”

Lori N.Lori N.

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